Resourceful Management

Tazweed is equipped with qualified and competent executives who have the solid skills to source, evaluate, execute and monitor business and projects. Portfolio companies’ success will be highly reliant on Tazweed managerial influence through:

  • Strategic insight;
  • Ingenious input into the development of product/service;
  • Deep network;
  • Providing human capital to portfolio companies at both senior management level and further down;
  • Putting in place competent policies and managing efficient Standard Operation Procedures.


Tazweed’s executives are expected to provide input through their influence into how portfolio companies are governed and developed. As indicated above, the primary objective of Tazweed is to monetise the investment for a higher value, and the probability of success is increased when Tazweed is involved in shaping and monitoring its portfolio companies through its competent managerial team. This efficient and diligent hands-on approach with the ability to professionalise portfolio companies’ business is key element in the value creation process to ultimately generate a capital gain. 

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